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On the eve of resignation

Finally, it's time to resign, feeling suddenly relieved.

I am currently working at a cloud computing company of a telecom operator, doing ordinary R&D work. Summarizing the changes I've encountered:

  1. A former colleague from my previous company invited me to join this cloud computing company to work on serverless functions, which made me happy. I left my previous company because they did a half-hearted job. The leaders here felt that we should excel in this area and fill in the functional gaps compared to other cloud service companies. I was happy to see this happen, so I joined this company.
  2. While doing well, my colleagues were reassigned by the leaders to the security department to work on SASE products. The product manager for serverless functions is still missing.
  3. SASE is a project the company is focusing on, and we hopped on its bandwagon as a complementary part. However, because it's a key project, SASE brought about overtime and chaotic demand iterations.
  4. In 2024, SASE was combined with zero trust and defined as the main project by the group company, raising its importance. The whole company went into overdrive, working crazy overtime.
  5. Caught up in the wave of overtime, and with leaders assigning tasks left and right, our team members were being reassigned, making the work increasingly frustrating.
  6. Last month, I was asked to move to the local department in Xiamen to support them, but I decided to give up struggling and resign.

In fact, there were many details that influenced my impression of this place. For example, communication between departments is very difficult, and the approval process for going live is lengthy, and so on. Anyway, the resignation process is really slow, taking a month.

After resigning, I will take a month to rest before deciding on my next steps. I know the current job market is tough, but I just don't want to stay here anymore. Putting myself first is the most important thing.

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