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Fourth quarter work frustration

Recently, work has been very frustrating, making me physically and mentally unhealthy. The company is pushing everyone to work overtime to meet the annual targets for the fourth quarter. My job position is not the main force in generating revenue. I thought the rush to meet the targets had nothing to do with me. But things didn't go as planned.

First, the second-level leaders required our team to send people to support their core business. Our team was already short-staffed, and borrowing a few people increased the pressure on my side (I am in core development and cannot be borrowed). The leaders knew that we were short-staffed, but they still demanded that the Q4 targets be met. As a result, our team lost 40% of our colleagues. At the beginning of the year, we used a recruitment quota to hire a dedicated tester. They were immediately borrowed and still haven't returned. Now we have even fewer people... sigh...

Second, our team's seats are located together with the emergency business team (that's why they came to borrow people directly). These days, the senior leaders came to inspect and sat directly with their team. Their team has to work overtime on the emergency tasks. Our team feels awkward hiding in the corner and leaving early, which makes me feel frustrated.

Anyway, work is currently very frustrating. It's not that I'm not interested in what I'm doing. Edge functions are what I want to do, but they are not the business that the company really needs (I don't know how to sell them, and they don't make much money). It's just that the overall company environment is uncomfortable, and I don't feel like working for it.

The market is currently very bad, and I am already in my thirties with a poor environment and conditions. I can only endure it... My contract expires in the second half of next year, and I am already considering whether to renew it or not.

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